Eliza Loyola is a recent graduate with a double degree in Creative Writing and Cinema Studies from Oberlin College. Eliza attended the Prague Film School in 2017 where she studied cinematography, directing, editing and screenwriting. In the spring of 2018, Eliza and two of her colleagues were awarded the Student Innovation and Research grant from the Cleveland Museum of Art to create a film grounded in the museum’s local archives. The result was Deadlock, a psychological drama set in the deserted factory town of Kipton Ohio. Eliza went on to receive Oberlin College’s XArts Fellowship which she used to return to Prague in the summer of 2018 to make the short film Milos. 

Eliza also directs and produces ad work in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She welcomes opportunities for collaboration. Passionate about continuing to produce original work as well as helping other female artists do the same, Eliza is building a production cooperative, Mad Knight, dedicated to sharing resources, talent and support to women in front of and behind the camera.