Project Description

A sleep-deprived, late-night, security guard suffers under the weight of an imagined, Elvis-like presence and falls deeper into a world of his own creation.

Composers Statement: Luke Nikkanen

My first inclination with scoring Anyone At All was to make sure the sound palate was outside the world of Elvis Presley’s music. It felt too obvious to use his twangy guitars and blues rhythms. By having an alternate world of music, the Elvis of the film is not a pop legend, but rather, is the spectral link between the Impersonator and his mother.  I wanted to create a world of haunted instruments, to make them sound trapped in the realm of a memory that overwhelms him. I was really moved by the textures of Alto Saxophones and muted trumpets – how they evoked a feeling of reaching out to try and touch something that isn’t there. I sought to keep the majority of the score before the climax in the realm of organic sounds, focusing on textures. For the climactic performance scene, I wanted to integrate more electronic tones to signal the character’s transformation – that, in this moment, he is in an entirely different world. I recorded low, grinding synth pads and a wandering analog lead to create the feeling of a seance – as if Elvis was finally being summoned but then, ultimately lost.

Eliza Loyola is an Oakland born filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles. An Oberlin College and Prague Film School alumna, her degree is in Creative Writing, Cinema Theory and Film Production. She was awarded the Student Innovation and Research fellowship from the Cleveland Museum of Art to create a film grounded in the museum’s local archives. Eliza went on to receive Oberlin College’s XArts grant which she used to return to Prague to make her following film. Eliza also directs ad content for web and broadcast T.V. She’s currently working on her first feature film.

Scott Lipman is a Los Angeles based actor working in both film and theatre. He began his career in Season 1 of Genius (Nat Geo, 2017) and has since worked on projects such as The Catcher Was a Spy (IFC Films, 2018) and Rye on The Island (Premiere Film, 2018). He will be starring in an upcoming feature, Seven Blood Stained Portraits, which he also produced. Most recently, Scott played Nick in a production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf at Ophelia’s Jump Theatre in Claremont, California. He graduated Williams College in 2018 with a degree in theatre, and has trained with The Groundlings, Antaeus Theatre Academy, and Prague Film School. He is a member of Seydways Acting Studio in Hollywood, and is represented by Mystery Row Management.

Cristina Isabel Rivera-Sangama is a bi-lingual latinx multimedia artist, creative producer & director from Miami based in Los Angeles. She has been directing producing, and editing-still, motion and multimedia projects around the world for the last ten years. She’s self-taught and has learned everything she knows about photo and film through experimenting, one-on-one mentorships and community programs. Her work has been featured in festivals, publications, won awards and most importantly- has inspired other creatives. Her collective works were recognized with a grant from the Knight Foundation with Sound and Vision Miami. She’s currently focusing on a personal documentary project inspired by her family in the Peruvian Amazon.

Luke Nikkanen is a composer and music producer based in Brooklyn, NY. He integrates electronic textures with warped organic sounds, creating soundscapes that evoke the feeling of a human speaking inside of a machine. He has created music for O’Neill, Sony Alpha, and Polestar, and has scored several short films and web series. He is currently finishing up his debut single for his experimental pop project, Lucas Gold.


Written, Directed, and Edited by

Eliza Loyola


Impersonator- Scott Lipman

Young  Impersonator- Tagor Hilcisin

Mom- Julia Stenman

Presence- James Patterson

Prague Crew

Co-Producer/ Co- Director- Claire Wegh

Director of Photography- Indiana Martinez

Gafffer- Thomas Morrison, Lukas Lexman, Jacopo Palombaro

Assistant Director- Sheena Scott

Script Supervisor- Josefin Agnekrans

Production Sound Recordist- Daniel Cramer

Los Angeles Crew

Directors of Photography- Cristina Isabel Rivera-Sangama

Sound Designer- Jack Sherman

Art Director- Mya Kramer

Colorist- Emily Monforte

Production Sound Recordist- Sachi Granich

Vocal Recordist- Joe Doenes- Berry

Guitarist- Jack Graddis

Original Score- Luke Nikkanen

Creative Confidant- Isabella Miller